Hallo, I'm Heidi Kim Linh

Freelance Illustrator and Designer looking for adventures and challenges. 

A few years ago (6 years and 8 months to be exact), I was a student who needed some cash for my research paper. Working part-time for my aunt isn't really profitable so I jumped on working as a freelance illustrator when the opportunity presented itself. At first, I was just going for a couple of dollars for my research paper but after a years, I settled to work in a job I loved as a full-time as a freelance illustrator and designer (specializing in children's book illustrations). 


What makes me different from the rest? An objective and motivation to grow and to help companies and clients like you grow too! My dream is to start my own children's book publishing firm in the future to help and serve our youth into rearing them up as the next leaders of tomorrow, by igniting in them a passion for reading and learning.

Noah Znarkadinkydoo
Noah Znarkadinkydoo
Fridays with Pop
Fridays with Pop
Zoey's First Plane Ride
Zoey's First Plane Ride
The Magic Bubble
The Magic Bubble: A Star Freckle Story
All Size Cry
All Sizes Cry: A book of self love
Sweet Pete & The Magical Cookie Jar
Sweet Pete & The Magical Cookie Jar
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Book and Website


Need some illustrations done for your website? Writing up a children's book and in need of visually stunning illustrations?

In need of a cover for your next bestseller?


Look no further. I'm probably the artist you need.


Choose from a wide selection of drawing styles. I also do layout and formatting so you just have to send it to the printers or online publishers!

Book Layouting and Typesetting

Whether you're aiming for print for online publishing like Amazon CreateSpace, I can help you with laying your book down and typesetting it so you're ready to just send it to print and publish.

Deliverable in PDF files and eBook format.

Content Writing

I also provide writing services for websites and blogs of different niches. Writing styles can go from geeky technical to cordially casual or a mix of both for a creative flair. 


Articles and content are 101% original and well-researched.


I can write about different topics but a big plus goes to topics like: food science and world cuisines, fermented foods, wines and cheeses, microbiology, gardening, animals, health and nutrition, history, travelling and world culture, arts and design and home and garden. 




damn, girlfriend gots da magic!!! ;) ...awesome!


...simply marvelous! your talent and the way you can take my thoughts/instructions/visions and bring them to life!

Beautiful! ...

- Ed Schrader, The Magic Bubble: A Star Freckle Story

Heidi is flying through these illustrations, and I'm getting more and more excited with each one I see! We are truly working as a team, and it is awesome!

- Karla Butler, Noah Znarkadinkydoo

Extraordinary detailed illustration along with a creative vision that exceeded expectations. I would definitely recommend 10 out of 10 times!

- William & Rachel McCray, Fridays with Pop

I can't say enough good things about working with Heidi. She is dedicated to ensuring open lines of communication throughout the process and is responsive and easy to work with. More than that, her artwork is truly outstanding!

- Kaela Harmon, Zoey's First Plane Ride


CONTACT ME  |  Tel: +63 926 104 93 04

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